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Prepare to Perform. Perform to Prosper.

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The epitome. The Top.

Where we all want to be.

Winning. Taking home trophies. Getting that large promotion.

The feeling is great and exhilarating but it is short lived. Success is continual. You don't get fit and put in zero work to stay there. You must continue to work constantly to maintain your level of condition and work harder to get into even better shape. This is a habit. 





In order to continue to prosper you must continue to remaster. See what was successful for you and what was not to become more efficient. Like I have said before, getting results is no accident. The work must be put in time and time again. Learn your skill, master it, own it, and work to be more efficient.

Prepare|Perform|Prosper is not an end goal, it is a practice. A lifestyle. A commitment to the grind of continual personal excellence and prosperity.

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