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Exploring ourselves is the one of the most uncomfortable experiences. Consistent momentary distractions has become our norm in which create our days. Self-awareness has become a lost art.

It's hot, you're dripping sweat and you hit a wall where you feel like you can no longer continue.

The sled pulls are pushing you to the absolute limit. Your body is shaking, legs feel like they are pumping battery acid and puking is imminent. Right when you feel like quitting your training partner is screaming;

"Keep going! Keep pushing! Don't stop"

You do so and push with your maximum effort to finish the round. You are spent, sweating profusely, slightly dizzy, and completely exhausted but you finished

It all seemed like a sweaty blur but you pushed past a perceived limit. New Depth, and pulled effort out of a place you did not know existed.

The Push Factor

I love seeing my clients get to this moment. Working their ass off until they feel like quitting and giving them that slight nudge to keep emitting more effort. This forces them to muster up the strength to complete the task at hand with all their might. At the same token, this is comfortable for us to have someone else push us past our perceived limit.

How deep can you push? How far can you reach?

Now I'm going to step out of the bounds of exercise and relate this towards our day to day lives.

We will stay in a bad relationship because it's comfortable at the end of the day.

We will stay at a job that we hate because it's comfortable at the end of the day.

We will spend years in total stagnation without growth, change, or new experiences because it's comfortable at the end of the day.

Exploring Ourselves

Why does this happen? My theory is that we do not give ourselves the license to explore the depths of our on mind. If we are frightened of our own thoughts, something that is not completely physical, how will we be comfortable manifesting a physical action or change in our own lives?

Let's jump back into the exercise scenario. I am telling you to push even though your legs are hurting and you feel like you have to quit and the only option is to give up. That's only your perception, yes your legs hurt but what is telling you to stop? You. But when I am telling you to go go go and you keep going. Who is telling you to go? You. At this same very moment when you choose to push past your comfort zone, you have the full option to stop. Instead, you roll with the opposite and you internally tell yourself to keep pushing.

If you can have this thought at that moment of complete discomfort and your body telling you otherwise, you have the full capability to do the same in other areas of life. You may not have a coach or friend supporting your decisions. This is the time that the push factor has to be yourself.

Thinking Uncomfortably

In order to become your own push factor, you have to spend time with yourself and consciously explore your thoughts. It's no easy task but it should be the most intimate process you do since it is just you and your mind. You're safe inside your mind.

My suggestion? Practice the following daily

  • Spend time with yourself without any distractions. 10 Minutes a day or just a few moments. Make it happen.
  • Think of something uncomfortable. Why does it make you feel uncomfortable?
  • What do you really enjoy to do?
  • Be your own hype man, reinforce your good qualities. This is not vain but healthy.
  • Think of the why you do the things you do everyday. Does the why agree with the life you're creating for yourself?

There are many ways to practice this whether it be a soothing exercise such as Yoga or practicing the art of meditation. Either way, find a time to connect with yourself. Now, I am not saying to go and overhaul your whole life but the practice of  exploring your own depth can work immense wonders on how you handle aspects of your life. Connect with yourself or nobody will. Thanks for listening. I love you all.

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