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3 Reasons Why You NEED The D

Vitamin D is a major player in health and function. Outside of being essential for your health, Vitamin D plays a huge role in performance.

First, Vitamin D truly is not a vitamin since it functions like a steroid. If you're interested in the function of Vitamin D, refer to my post on vitamins. Since we're here, I will briefly explain the role vitamin D plays in your performance.

1. Fat Loss

Having a hard time losing fat? Vitamin D may play a role in that. Low vitamin D levels have been associated with fat gain. The major reason for this is that Vitamin D plays a huge role in insulin sensitivity. When your D is low, your tolerance to glucose diminishes. In short, low levels of vitamin D makes your insulin lazy and your potential to pack on fat goes up.

2. Recovery From Exercise

Vitamin D is key in exercise recovery. Multiple studies show that low levels of serum Vitamin D pre-exercise is  associated with delayed muscle recovery in comparison to those who have adequate levels. In order to reap the benefits of training, we must have the ability to recover from the training to have adaptation. From the day-to-day gym goer to the intense athlete, recovery is essential to continually hit your goals.

3. Testosterone Levels

Low D? No D. For men and women Vitamin D plays a major role in testosterone levels within the body. Testosterone is needed to recover from training, increase or retain muscle, and overall feelings of well being. Get it up my friends.

Where do I get the D?

The D is everywhere! Unless you live in gloomy areas where sunshine is not abundant, you can receive plenty of Vitamin D conversion by at least 20 minutes of sunlight. Those with more melanin or wear sunscreen will not achieve the same benefits. For you, (myself included) we have to ensure we obtain optimal levels within our diets. Popular dietary sources include:

  • Tuna
  • Salmon
  • Mushrooms
  • Sardines
  • Milk
  • Supplementation

How Much?

Levels of 2,000 IU's to 10,000 IU's daily have been seen to show results without toxicity. I do not suggest just going to the local supplement store and  load up on Vitamin D pills. The only true way to know where your levels is to receive a blood test and seek appropriate action from there.

To Conclude

You need the D to succeed. Paying attention to our bodies and making sure we have what it needs to succeed is imperative. If you're levels are solid, you will be able to recover from training more efficiently and reap the benefits of your hard work.



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