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The "Cleanse"

The first step to a cleanse is releasing the idea that their is a certain "cleanse" diet that you have to pay for. Cleanse diets (or detoxes), like other fad diets, are made for the purpose of creating profit. The majority of "cleanse" diets tout themselves as effective weight loss initiators that can accelerate your weight loss journey. I'll reiterate that what most of us all want is FAT loss. With that being understood I will touch on the main pitfalls of "cleanse" diets.

Misleading Weight Loss

Cleanses operate on the euphoric ideas that you can receive high amounts of benefits for drastic short term changes in your body. While it is true that weight loss is possible in a "cleanse", the actual weight comes off by way of fluid loss. Carbohydrate (key word 'hydrate') carries three grams of water for every gram ingested. In a typical "cleanse" carbohydrate is drastically cut releasing extra fluid. Remember, the name of the game that provides us benefit is FAT loss.

The "Cleansing" Cycle

We are obsessive about what the scale says even though it does not paint the entire picture of body composition. Due to this issue, people feel comfortable with reverting back to cleanses to get their weight down even though the loss is temporary. The cycle manifests like this:

1. Jenny has completed a cleanse prior and has lost 7 pounds

2. She has gained 10 pounds and wants to get back down

3. Jenny does the cleanse and loses 7 pounds again but doesn't change her eating habits

4. She experiences food cravings due to a dramatic drop in food intake and variety

5. Jenny ends the cleanse and begins eating her normal diet and regains her fluid loss plus 5 pounds

Over a year or two Jenny has gained double-digit weight from her starting point from repeated cycle. Unfortunately, I have heard and witnessed this cycle time and again.

The Real Cleanse

Your body is working to rid you of harmful bugs, bacteria, and any other sources that are deemed toxic for the body. Through sweat, urine, and feces the body gets the job done for expelling toxins. All your body needs is the consistency of eating the proper foods to encourage healthy body function which will expel of these wastes. From the cell to the organ level nothing beats an optimized diet filled with high nutritional content on a consistent basis. Increasing your fiber intake from vegetables alongside lean cuts of fish, poultry, and game encourages this process. Staying properly hydrated is just as important. But the key to all is abandoning the fast foods, simple sugars, and sodas while incorporating a diet loaded with the ingredients stated is all the fuel your body needs to cleanse itself.