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Online Coaching

Custom You.

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How does online coaching work?

If you're ready to get results without the guesswork, it's time for you to move a program that is designed for you specifically. We all have individual goals and the most efficient path to your goal is support and programming tailored to you.

Included In Online Coaching:

  • Training program designed for you goals, schedule, and availability
  • Accountability by your coach
  • Nutritional support

The Process

  1. After Signing Up
    • We have a consulation to figure out your goals, current training status and expectations from us as your coach and what is needed for you to be successful.
    • Lifestyle Understanding. We have to meet you where you are. Your current life with work, family, travel
  2. Training: We will go through various assessments to uncover your current movement status.
    • Video Movement assessment
    • Nutrition Assessment
    • Lifestyle assessment
  3. Ongoing Coaching
    • After we have gathered the information needed, a program will be appointed to you and updated as needed.
    • Your program and progress will be checked upon weekly.
    • All training and communication will be handled on the P3Performance app. You will have video demonstration and further information detailed within the app. You can also message directly and have all your questions answered in real time.

Online coaching is a direct way to improve your performance and remove the guesswork for you. We truly believe in efficiency, consistency, and intent to guide you directly to your goals. Join now to being the process to your training solutions.