Human Performance & Athletic Development
Prepare to Perform. Perform to Prosper.


Meeting Your Performance Potential from Sport to Life.

Performance delivery


Personal Training

Dial in your goals with 1-1 personal training. Everything starts with the assessment to dial in your Performance Prescription to provide the road-map and training to your goals. All training personal training sessions are served at Henderson, NV location.



Geared to developing the qualities needed to excel on the court. Strength, speed, explosiveness. All the performance ingedients to enhance your play on the court

Semi-Private Training

Personal Attention with the high energy environment of training with others. Before beginning the training, a thorough assessment is done to provide the training program needed for the goals of the individual while training next to other goal-oriented individuals.

Hybrid Coaching

Needing direction on enhancing your health, performance, and training? With the one-time consultation we can dive in to what is needed to enhance your function by performing thorough assessments to guide you to your ultimate goal. From here we will decide what the next step in achieving your goal.

Sport Performance

You are either trained, or untrained. To excel on the court being equipped with the tools of speed, strength, power, and resiliency is the key to unlocking your performance potential.

Online Training & programs

Stay locked in with Online Coaching and programming. With online programs or 1-1 coaching, the program needed to match your training needs will be delivered through the PPP App with video instruction and constant communication with your coach.