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Why You Aren't Hitting Your Fitness Goals

Imagine This: Take a group of people, drop them off in a foreign terrain and tell them to get to a specific point blindfolded. This group of people are not outfitted with help or proper tools to navigate the land. On top of being blindfolded and lacking tools, the group is being fed misinformation that furthers the situation of the group being lost. We can all predict the outcome of this scenario which simulates the majority of individuals who choose to become healthier.

I encourage the decision to embark on the journey to health but what pains me is to see this effort squandered and abandoned due to lack of results. From my experience, here are the top reasons people are not hitting their goals and tips to make your health and fitness journey more efficient. 

1. You do not have a plan.

People sign up to gyms or begin to exercise with the best intentions in mind but are not sure what steps to take next. These individuals end up in the gym, on the treadmill running nowhere exhaustively. After three weeks and zero results they no longer come to the gym.

The Fix: Seek advice to develop a plan

Friends, family, or preferably a fitness professional in your area who is credible and gets results. Hiring a trainer may not be your top option but a consultation and expert feedback saves time and provides ideas that work.

2. Lack of clarity in goals.

The overwhelming majority want to lose weight since our collective waistlines are growing exponentially. Even still, coming in stating "i want to lose weight" is very vague and does not define a clear path.

The Fix:  Make clear and realistic goals.

Setting real goals such as losing 1-2 pounds a week or 10 pounds a month makes the process more real and tangible.

3. Unrealistic Goals

It seems counter-intuitive to have lack of goal setting and high expectations simultaneously but this could not be further from the truth. Coming into a fitness program and expecting to lose a tremendous amount of weight in a short amount of time or plan to have ridiculous muscle gains in a short period of time is a repeat mistake.

The Fix: A reiteration of Fix #2; set realistic goals

Be honest and real with yourself first. Healthy living is a lifestyle, not a race. Treat your goals in accordance. Steady progress should be made but expecting the miraculous is the recipe for major disappointment

4. You aren't working hard or smart enough.

Walking into the gym, walking on the treadmill and walking out will not get you results. To be frank, many of us run from what challenges us in the gym which impedes results. We want to invests a nickel to get a dime in results which does not work well for fitness.

The Fix: Step it up

Working hard (correctly) is working smart. Incorporating compound exercises with intensity and effort is the most efficient way to trigger results. You do not have to prep for a marathon or a fitness competition but a solid plan with consistent effort is the perfect storm for results.

5. Nutrition

Or the lack of it. This is by far the largest impedance of progress. Typical diets that are consumed today are riddled with excess fats and sugars without providing true nutritional content. Many individuals decide to exercise but failing to make dietary changers hinders progress dramatically.

The Fix: Understand and accept you have to commit to a lifestyle which will be conducive to positive health. Seek advice and take initiative that will push you towards your goals. Making changes such as knowing what foods are positive for your health, the amount of calories you need, and holes in your nutrition helps tremendously.

Wrapping Up

Knowing these common barriers and avoiding them will save you time, emotional stress, and place you on the right path to your fitness goals.