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Build a Respectable Back

A strong back is a extremely functional for performance and very aesthetically pleasing. Let's 


Deadlifting is the king of all back exercises. Not only does it tax your entire posterior chain, but your lats, traps, and rhomboids become fully developed. Executing the deadlift correctly will not only develop your entire back, but will stimulate the rest of your body to release GH (growth hormone) that will aid in muscular development of the rest of your body. Now, I strongly suggest learning the technicalities of a deadlift before picking up heavy weight. As with any exercise, bad technique can lead to injury. Correctly pulling weight off the ground is an immense game changer.

T-Bar Rows

T-Bar rows (landmine or plate loaded machine) fires up your entire back; traps, lats, and erectors to give you the full look of your back. There are many grips to utilize this exercise, utilizing a neutral grip will target the muscles of your mid back especially your mid trapezius.


Trying to grow your lats? Pull ups should be your go to exercise. Bodyweight or added weight will give you the activation you need to stimulate growth. The entire muscle system of your back is being taxed alongside your biceps.

*Tip: Keys to bicep development is via pulling exercises. Curls add the seasoning to the steak

Bent Over Row

Barbell bent over row is a staple movement in developing the entire back. This movement also develops overall back thick and full appearance. There are multiple variations that you can also put into your training including manipulating hand grip or using dumbbells to execute the movement.

To Conclude

There are many other great back exercises such as the lat pull down and seated row among others, but the movements listed above transcend the majority of sports in terms of ability to improve performance or to build an aesthetic physique. Give them a shot!


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