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Do You Hoop? Keys to Improve This Offseason

The player is made in the off-season. What you do off the court directly influences how you perform on the court.

The game of basketball is dynamic; you have bouts of sprinting, jumping, lateral movement, and physicality. Therefore, it is essential to maximize your ability to handle the rigors of the game and improve your performance throughout the duration of the year. Here are aspects of the game that are off the court but directly influences your performance on the court.

Dedicate To The Weightroom

The most successful players know how important this aspect of the game is. Guard having trouble getting around screens? Big man get moved around like a rag doll in the paint? Forward having issues bringing down boards and defending? Hitting the weight room is your solution. Strength development also transfers to increasing overall athleticism including speed and jumping ability. Getting into the gym and working on key areas such as different squat and deadlift variations alongside other basics such as benching and rows will allow you to develop the strength to be more effective on the court. These essential movements will encourage the growth you need.


Lack of hip mobility decreases performance and increases your chances of injury. Improving your total range of motion will allow you to change directions quicker, be more explosive, and have more durability throughout the year. Stretch and contract hip flexor, pigeon, and hamstring stretches are a great starting point. Gain more mobility in the hips to increase your effectiveness of movement on the court.


Playing basketball and lifting weights break down the body. You're sending the message of what you want to improve, but eating real food is what builds the body. The common thread between a player that can perform at a high level on a consistent basis compared to another player who struggles with all other factors even boils down to diet. Need to put on some weight? Invest in whole foods including whole meats, rice, pastas, with vegetables to encourage growth. Need to cut some extra body fat? Stay out the drive-thru windows and cut out the cokes. How and what you're eating is just as important to how well you see the court.

To Conclude

Off-season is a grind and all basketball players understand the importance of the summer months. Getting into the gym, improving mobility, and eating right are part of the summer rigors to be more successful on the court. This is not new gospel, the most successful players on the court are performing these practices to get to the next level of performance. Your body is your money and is therefore your most important investment. Level Up!