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Why Do You Trainers Say Eat 6 Times a Day?

It's the principle

Does it Boost Metabolism?

Not significantly. The basis occurred from the understanding that eating provides a boost in your metabolism based on the thermic effect of food. Quite frankly, this basis is not significant enough to say that frequent meals equates to a "faster" metabolism.  The boost that is perceived from eating frequently is not sufficient enough to induce a fat burning effect.

What About Appetite?

Everyone is not the same. Some of us are large eaters and prefer to eat larger meals throughout the day. Others prefer to have frequent meals. Hunger patterns are not the same across the board so it depends on the individual. As long as your energy expenditure is less than the energy you take in, you're likelihood to decrease your fat mass will be just as high as the frequent eaters.

What's The Take-home Message?

I wanted to clear this up for some of my clients and you guys who are frequent readers. I encourage the best eating pattern that is suited for your schedule and hunger patterns. The past 6 months I have had more under eaters (imagine that) than over eaters which can be just as or even worse than over eating. The major key is to know and understand the foods that you are eating, ensure you are eating for your goals, and plan your eating schedule that is best for your situation. If you're eating 2 meals a day but want to eat 6, that will be a tough jump. What is more realistic is to go to 3 meals and slowly add from there. The habit development is more important that just eating 6 meals due to what is said over the media!


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